I’ve been writing for a couple of years now and have a few manuscripts in various stages. Some have been finished and need a huge re-write, others are only half written. While some are in need of huge edits. For years now I have talked about pitching one of my stories but it’s never happened. This year is going to be the year. I am really going to commit to writing, and getting at least one story edited to the point that it can be pitched.

Below I am going to list my manuscripts with a log line/blurb and what needs to be done. These are the manuscripts that I will sometimes post a few paragraphs from in my writing dabbles.


Currently Working On

Out of Their Depth

When the kingdom loses another heir, the council searches for a doppelganger for the last remaining princess among the countries people.

The doppelganger, a country teen is pulled into the world of the rich where she falls for the princesses intended,  a teen lord who is far out of her league. While the princess who has always wanted to escape the castle, joins the doppelgangers family on a camping trip where she falls for the doppelgangers brother, who is teaching her to embrace life.

Both girls are out of their depth and someone is watching.


Single Titles

young beautiful girl, the brunette

A YA Contemporary Romance

A teenage girl with no memory of her past is kidnapped by her supposedly dead father, who do anything to hide his secret including killing her. (Structure, rewritten, edits.)



Close-up of a beautiful blonde model looking over her shoulder. Shot with a Canon 20D.

A YA Contemporary Romance

At Bootcamp, a foster teen pretending to be her twin sister, clashes with a playboy whose determined to make her pay for her past crimes, but she’s never met him before. (edits)



group A YA Contemporary Romance

Thrust into Witness Protection, Valarie sneaks out only to be kidnapped along with dream boat Simon and her FBI Agent’s kid brother. Valarie can only save one, but both boys have devastating secrets that could destroy everything. (Edits.)


A YA Contemporary Romance

Ashe dreams of going to medical school but gives up the books to attend Prom when her identical twin sisters begs her. No one – their parents or friends – expect it to go horribly wrong. Now Ashe has to choose between picking up the pieces of her life and go on or let the guilt consume her. (1/2 written)

Untitled (Nano 2015 Story)

A YA Sci-Fi Romance

Teen Willa Robinson signs up to an interactive computer study for the $100,000 completion bonus, where she meets and falls for Elijah, only to discover he’s part of the program.


Alyssa’s Story

A YA Contemporary Romance

After witnessing her best-friend death, Alyssa Montgomery moves to her fathers for a fresh start, and falls for childhood arch-enemy Quintin James but she can’t forget her role in the car accident. (1/2 written)


Angel Story

A YA Paranormal Romance

The Angels abandoned the humans, and a solar flare, destroys earth as we know it. A few years later, an angel boy saves a struggling human girl by pulling her through the veil to the Angel world. There she discovers that the Angels could’ve saved thousands of lives, and now the Elder Angels want her dead, for knowing their secrets. (1/2 written)

Christmas Story

A YA Contemporary Romance

The only thing tomboy Alexa Sawyer plans to do over the Christmas holiday is to go on a road trip with the footie boys. But getting in trouble with the police sends her down the rabbit hole of hell – her grandparents country farm – where she is expect to attend a Christmas Ball in an 1800’s frilly dress.

The boys hatch a plan to break her out on the night of the ball – Two Weeks away. Until then, Alexa submerges herself in the towns old-fashioned Festivities. The other girls are all peaches and crème until they find out she is going to the ball with Sebastian Winters.

The night of the ball arrives, and she must make a choice. Remain at the ball and open her heart to Sebastian and her grandparents, or runaway with the boys. (1/2 written)



A YA Sci-Fi Romance

To win a full scholarship to University, street kid Zoe must wade through DreamWorld, the virtual online playground of the rich, arrogant and entitled to find ‘The Designer’ but someone knows who she really is and they will do anything to keep her from finding out or from meeting ‘The Designer’. (1/2 written)


R Story

A YA Contemporary Romance with dark elements

Appearances are everything to popular Cheerleader Alexis Roberts who attends Sloan Private School on a scholarship while living out of her car.

Bad boy David, who doesn’t care what anyone thinks, is doing everything possible to keep what is left of his family together and doesn’t have time for troubled Alexis but he can’t seem to stay away.

Being true to yourself means letting go of the one secret that could turn all their lives upside down. (1/2 written)



A YA Paranormal Romance Series

Linked 1

Alia a naive Alien teenager, whose touch can kill humans must find her brother who’s hiding among the humans to save her family from certain death. (Edits,rewritten)

Linked 2

Unable to return home, Alia tries to make a new life among the humans but when the Elders discover she has started the linking process with a human boy she is captured, tried for treason and sentenced to death (Planned, unwritten)

Linked 3

Newly Linked Alia will do anything to bring down the corrupt Elders for their crimes, but when her brother is killed, Alia is forced to choose between the human boy who wants to go home and her people. (Planned, unwritten)

A Linked Run off

When Brandon reports to the authorities about Alia and her race holding his brother against his will, Alia is forced to bring him into the dome, but a family reunion isn’t all that is installed for him, he links with Melinda. (Planned, unwritten)


Twisted River

A YA Paranormal Romance Series


Teenager Demi starts to hear people thoughts and uncovers a secret; the gang are hiding a portal to another world, one who claims that she is their missing princess. (edits, structure, rewritten)

Riva 2

With the help of Lake, Demi gets her powers back but it’s not enough to heal Nikolai who is dying and unless she can get the cure from the King who is on Earth, he will die. (Planned, unwritten)

Riva 3

The King returns and kills the Queen, leaving the city in Demi’s hands but can she rule and bring down the King once for all or will she succumb to the King losing everything. (Planned, unwritten)

Riva 4

With the city in ruins and everyone looking to her to rule, Demi must finally decide who she loves, the powerful Lake who she is linked with and who she must rule beside, or Nikolai the first boy who took her heart and who wants to return back to Earth. (Planned, unwritten)

Riva 5

Might be a fifth depending on if everything is wrapped up in the previous books. (Planned, unwritten)



Fantasy magic world. Fairy or mermaid standing on green island in lake and watching on moon

A YA Sci-Fi Romance Series


Forced out of the underground lab when a earth ship crashes into the planet, eighteen year old clone Ale breaks the ultimate rule and falls in love with Jackson, a human boy, painting a target on both of their backs. (edits, structure, rewritten)

Haven 2

Trying to be more human, Ale’s Rebel daughter turns her back on her family and leaves the compound, but when she falls in love with a human boy everything changes. (Planned, unwritten)

Haven 3

Forced into a marriage to save their declining population, teenager Ale refuses to be married to her arch enemy but when her body fails her, she is given her freedom and realises she loves him after all. (Planned, unwritten)

Old Haven

Forced into a marriage to save their declining population, teenager Ale refuses to be married to her arch enemy but when her body fails her, she is given her freedom and realises she loves him after all. (edits/rewritten)

New Recruits

Newcomer Levi wants Ale but is forced into a marriage with Cassie, but when she and his newborn daughter get sick, the government step in wanting him to remarry. (Planned, unwritten)


To make a better life for herself, Allyson sneaks onto one of the ships leaving Earth only to find herself forced into a marriage with Hadleigh who loves someone else. (Planned, unwritten)


I am sure there will be many more in time. Hopefully I can work on a few of these and get them cleaned up.