Disappointing News

Hi all,

At the beginning of the year, I had good intentions on re-starting my blog up. I had plans, hopes and dreams like you do, but no one can see into the future or now what is going to come down the line for you. No one.

My year started out good, great even and everything was looking up, but sadly it all changed in a heart beat. My life was turned upside down along with my children’s life. Now I find myself in a new country trying to make things work for my children and I. Which means writing and running this blog has had to be put on the burning.

Right now my children are my focus as they should. Once we are settled and everything is on track I plan to take up this blog again…. If I could I would do it right now but sadly I can’t. It’s the same with my writing. I just don’t have the focus or the time it needs to do a proper job. I won’t be gone long. I miss writing and this blog to much.

So if you get or see this message, hugs for checking up on my blog. It means a lot.

See you soon.