Writing Dabble

free-writeToday’s piece of writing comes from my manuscript Chosen One again. I am still writing it even though Bootcamp has now finished. I love this piece of writing and had to share.

Head down I pressed my back hard against the wall, trying to blend in to the darkness. I shouldn’t be here. This room was out of bounds. Which is why it was the perfect hiding spot from Lilli. No one came in here, not until him. It gave, Lilli time to calm down to return to being slightly civil and it gave me a chance to think and re-centre myself.

Being accountable to someone every second of my day was exhausting. What little sleep I got, was spent tossing and turning. My shoulders ached from carrying pales of water to clean the floors. My hands, especially the pads of my fingers burned from the chemicals used to scrub the floor. Lilli didn’t believe in gloves. Well not for me at least. Every inch of my body ached. My knees were the worst. Bruises littered my legs. Under my dress my skin was irritated from the harsh wool rubbing against it.

A bright blue flash lit up the room.  I jumped back, stopping myself before I slammed into the wall and alerted him that I was here. The unnatural flames roared up the chimney for a few seconds before settling into normal red and orange flames. Eirik leaned forward, resting his head against the mantle. His hands clenched on either side of his head. He pushed up, and walked over to the day bed, throwing himself onto it. Pillows clattered on the floor. He moaned and wiggled back against the pillows, closing his eyes.

The fire light splashed across his face. He almost looked peaceful. His body relaxed stiff and his face not scrunched up in constant anger. You could say normal looking. The two times I had seen him, were light and dark. In the alley, those few seconds in his arms were magical. He had been so gentle and thoughtful. But when I arrived here, he was angry and threatening. Like he hated me.

He groaned, turning onto his side and looking right at me, unblinking. I leaned hard against the wall, the wooden panels pressing into my back. Now what? Should I just step into the light and act like I was supposed to be here? No, he would see right through it and there was a high chance it would get back to dragon lady Lilli.

Everything would be ruined. My lungs grew tight. I exhaled the breath I hadn’t realised I was holding but stopped. Shit. If he didn’t quite know that I was there, he did now.

He threw his legs off the day bed and sat up. “I know you are there, Love; I can hear you breathing. I have for some time.”