Dream Character

a714e183d97356e5f02eb719238a99fdkinopoisk_ru_The_Vam-3Today’s Dream Character is….

Joseph Morgan from The Originals and also The Vampire Diaries. Two of my fave fave tv shows. In both of the tv shows he quite the bad boy. He’s ruthless, arrogant and knows exactly what he wants. He’s also protective of his family even though they drive him crazy. 

Which is why I see him like my Character Eirik – a vampire with magical powers and who has been around since the 9th Century. Eirik wants to rule the Ethereal Keys but he would never kill a family member to do it. But someone is killing his family, one by one.

Eirik falls in love with Phoenix, who shows him ruling isn’t everything and together they work out who is trying to kill his family and them.

Here is another pic for good measure.

Untitled pictureg