March Goals

As i probably have said so many times before, over February I have been doing the Savvy Authors Winter Bootcamp and might I say, I have been kicking ass. I wrote every day except three and made sure that I reached the daily amount of 1667 words or more. It was great. I have been working on a new idea Chosen Ones as well as writing a few new scenes for Torn. I am really enjoying getting back into writing daily and plan to keep on doing it.

February Focus was Focus for February was:

Here are the goals I managed to complete:

  1. Write everyday. Done except for 3 days. Plan to do better over March. 
  2. Complete the Winter Bootcamp by finishing my rewrite of my Manuscript Torn. I haven’t finished Torn, but I have completed the Winter Bootcamp with over 50,000 words.
  3. Read. I did read, surprisingly.  I started and finished the Kim Harrison series, which is probably why I am so tired. To many late nights. 
  4. Sign up for one workshop. Maybe Candace Haven’s workshop. I didn’t sign up for a workshop over Feb but have signed up for two over March.
  5. Update this Blog with reviews, posts about writing, writing dabbles and other fun things. Done.
  6. Walk or Bike at least 5 days a week, if not 6. Didn’t happen. I walked a couple of times but I really want to work on this over March.
  7. THM and losing weight – Epic fail, need i say more.
  8. Family Time Need to work on this more. 

I did okay in my personal writing goals, but badly in my health and family goals. I think I need to balance this more.

March’s Focus:

Just because I am planning to keep on writing and editing, while trying to balance the rest of my life.

March Goals:

Writing Goal

  1. Attend and participate in both of my workshops.
  2. Write every day at least a paragraph.
  3. Keep working on my manuscripts – Torn and Chosen One

Health Goals

  1. Keep to THM by planning out meals and eating THM only meals
  2. Drink water
  3. Try to walk every day.

Family Goals

  1. Spend time with my family.
  2. Keep up with the housework.
  3. Be Happyand de-stress.

March is a semi busy month with the two workshop, and I am also running the Revision Madness special event on Savvy Authors. I hope to work out a balance.

What are your goals for March? Comment below and let me know. I would love to hear from you.



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