Writing Dabble


Today’s writing dabble is from a piece I wrote in the first week of Bootcamp and it’s not from Torn. Long story, but basically I had this very vivid dream a few days before bootcamp. I couldn’t get it out of my head. It had to be written. So i quickly did a basic plot. It was so inspiring to want to write again. Which is how it has come about that I am currently writing two stories – A rewrite of Torn and this new story currently called Chosen Ones.

I didn’t think it was possible for me to be able to write two stories at once. But it’s actually going really well. I am enjoying it and I am managing about 2000+ a day.

The basic blurb of Chosen One is:

A gullible girl becomes a chosen one to save her dying sister, where she accidentally bonds to Eirik, the new vampire ruler of the Ethereal Keys, only to discover she is an Elf, the vampires arch enemy and the true ruler. 

It’s still pretty rough, but it’s getting there. I am sort of working things out as I go along because the girl was first called Cassia, but now she is called Phoenix because of her red hair. She was a fairy hidden among the humans, but now she is a untrained, clueless Elf that was hidden among the humans.  He, was called Apollo, but is now called Eirik and he was a viking who became a undead vamp from a curse. The curse remained, but now him and his people are living vampires. They are immortal and have to drink blood which is how they stay immortal. The can only be killed by having their head cut off or their heart ripped out.

Anyway here is the piece, enjoy.

Out of site I watched until she was gone, before walking across the road and into the next dark alleyway. There was no need for me to walk really when I could think of a place and appear there, but there was something about walking through the bowels of the city unnoticed. Alone. It gave me a chance to think. To toss aside the responsibility of being a vampire prince and be myself.

I peered at the blade in my hand. There was nothing distinguished about it. No markings. It could be anyone’s. But the person who threw it was a vampire. If I hadn’t been so concerned about the girl, I could’ve gotten answers. Not that I really had anything to worry about. She caught the blade before I had a chance to do anything. Which was impossible. What was she? Her blood smelled human but there was a hint of something I couldn’t put my finger on. She wasn’t have vampire and have human – a Halfling. Was she an unawakened lesser vampire? Strange but it has happened, especially those on the outer islands. But surely a parent would tell her and train her unless they were dead.

But no un-awakened lesser vampire could possible catch a blade like that.

Stop time and catch the blade before he had a chance to even move.


He turned to find Freya his oldest friend, hovering behind him. Her deep red hair with black chunks standing up on end, every strand electrified. He smirked and tried to bite it back, knowing that laughing at her hair would only annoy her. But it was too late.

“Aghhh, it is sticking up again, isn’t it. No don’t say anything; I can see from your grin.”

She brushed her hands down her hair in an attempt to get rid of the charge, but it stuck up even more. She groaned. “Why is it when I project my hair takes on a life of its own, but you do it and there isn’t a hair out of place.”

“Practice love.”

“Don’t give me that crap, we’re the same age.”

He shrugged. “I have no clue then.”

“You’re in a funny mood, what happened?”


“Yeah right,” she said, grinning and her blue eyes sparkling. Anyway we need you back at the palace. Your family is here.”

He dropped the smile and squared his shoulders. Here we go again. “Which members.”

“All of them, but Leif.”

This wasn’t going to be good. What was Reese planning this time to overcome Leif?

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