Writing Dabble

free-writeBootcamp is currently kicking my ass but in a good way. I really enjoy bootcamp, don’t get me wrong but it’s stressful at times. Not only because I am writing, but I am also running it and tallying numbers. But I love it. Here is another piece from my manuscript – Torn.

Anyway here it is.

Someone handed Logan an ice-cold beer, he couldn’t say exactly who, he never saw them. He ripped it open and gulped it down.

“Cops,” someone shouted.

Everyone dispersed, like ants running from water. He dropped his beer, and ran towards where he’d last seen Briana. The music cut off mid beat. The four-wheel drive lights at the far end went out, sending everything into darkness except for the red and blue spinning cop car lights.

 Someone grabbed him from behind, tugging both of his arms backwards forcing him to stop. Breathing heavily, he allowed them to push him down into the sand and yank his arms behind him. Every muscle in his arms screamed in protest but he remained silent.

“What do we have here? Logan DuPont. Underage drinking again.”

He should’ve known. Officer Hayden Mathews, once friend now who knew what he was. “Hey Hayden, fancy seeing you here.”

“Officer Mathews to you,” Hayden said, giving his arms a tug.

“Flipping hell Hayden. What’s wrong with you? That hurt.”

Hayden laughed. “It was meant to.”

“You pig.”

“Now call me that,” he said as he snapped something cold on Logan’s left wrist and then his right. The metal edges digging into his skin. Cuffs.


“You think you are so big, being the big shot son of a rock star. That you’re invincible. That nothing could touch you. Well wait till daddy dearest hears that you’re slumming the night in the brig.”

The smirk slid from Logan’s face. Shit. What was he thinking? His father would have to bail him out and any chance of him convincing his father that his band should be able to audition would be down the drain.

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