Writing Dabble

free-writeSince January, I have been trying to write every day. To make a habit, it’s been hard at times and other times it’s been easy. This piece was from the 3rd of January. I am not sure where it came from but I like it. Hope you do to.

The world spins like a never ending rainbow, my stomach churning along with it. All I can see are swirls of pink mixed with blue, white and green. I push my hands behind my head and stare upwards, knowing I should get up but I can’t. I just need a bit longer. A few minutes. Before I have to head back or before someone comes looking for me.

The merry go round is slowing down. I need to get up and run a bit more to get it going, but I don’t. Is this what life is meant to be about? Fights with my best friend over a boy. A hot, dreamy boy who lead us both on, until I walked in on them. I can’t get the image of her on his lap, with her arms wrapped around him and her lips against his.

We were suppose to be best friends.

But we both failed to tell the other about our new boyfriend or we would’ve worked it out sooner. Three months we had been lying to each other. We were as bad as each other. The world was no longer spinning, but my head was. I blinked. Tears came to my eyes. Why did I hide him from her? We’ve known each other since we were four and I picked him over her. I blink again. The first thing to come into focus is the bright blue cloudless sky. Rebecca’s favourite colour is blue. Mine too. It was how we meet, exchanging our favourite colours in kindergarten. The next thing I can see are green leaves, so bright that they out shone the grass.

And finally my sisters bike. It’s covered in pink. A bright sickening pink. With sparkly strips of purple at the ends, dancing in the wind. She’s ten and loves pink. She properly knows that I stole it by now. It’s far to small for me but it’s the only thing I could find to escape.

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*Write Image from www.bang2write.com