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Recently I have been working on this new story idea that I hope to write over the Savvy Authors February bootcamp. I am still piecing it together but I like to do a sort of writing cork board using OneNote. Since having computer problems and having to re-install my pc, I haven’t loaded up OneNote in a while, so it downloaded all my notebooks. Curious, I clicked on one called Stories, hoping that it was the list of my manuscripts I had up on this website before I lost it.

Sadly it wasn’t but i found an awesome piece of writing that I had forgotten about. Once I read it though I remembered that it came from a dream. It must’ve been a couple of years ago that I wrote this, but I thought you might all like to see it.It’s a YA Sci-fi Romance. Young love you could say.

The door swings close the moment she steps aboard. The ships cabin filled with a whirling noise as the engines powered up. Piercing green eyes behind a mop of blond hair stared right at her until he noticed his friend watching him watch her. He ducked her head but the shivers crawling up and down her spine remained. She glanced around. Did anyone notice? Rain her best friend frowned, shook her head and looked away. How was she going to explain it away this time?

“Take your seat, America,” the assistant said from her seat beside the door.

She snapped around, glaring at the assistant. “It’s Lexa,” she hissed.

Everyone knew she didn’t go by her first name but her second. Alexandrina. Even the assistant. But they, anyone with an inch of authority used her first name regardless of what she wanted. And she hated it. To this day she still doesn’t understand why her parents thought it was okay to name her after a fallen country. Mom said it was to remind everyone of what they had lost. But that didn’t explain her other two weird old world names.

“Take a seat.”

She moved down the aisle, trying not to slam her bags into the seats as she passed and plonked down onto the seat next to Rain. Pop. A wetness seeps into her jeans. She bit her bottom lip, as everyone but Rain laughs. They put another water pod on her seat. It wasn’t the first time, nor would it be the last. Who was doing it, she didn’t have a clue. She blinked back the tears threatening to fall and placed her bag on the floor by her feet before sliding over to the next seat.

Reaching over she pushed the clean button of the armrest of seat she had just left. Of course at first it doesn’t work. She pushes the button again. It flashes and turns green. There’s a hiss and a bright pink foam covers every inch of the teal seat. The seat hums and the foam disappears,. replaced with a dry heat. When the button is no longer green, she runs her hand over the top of the seat. This time it was dry. Last time she had changed back only to find the seat was still wet. She shifts over. There is a hint of vanilla and apple in the air. Rain placed her hand on top of her arm.

“Why do they do that?” She gently pushed into Rain’s mind. Even though she knew why. It came with the territory of being the kings daughter. Living in their own separate station with the best views of earth didn’t help either.

“To get a laugh. It’s childish. We all should be past that by now.” Rain replied, each word swirling with a hint of anger. “Why were you staring at him, again.”

“I was?”

Rain shook her head. “Stop pretending you weren’t, everyone in this ship saw you. I don’t get what your fascination with him is. He’s not good enough for you Lexa and I won’t allow you to be just another one of his forgotten marks.”

She would’ve normally been upset by Rain’s harsh words but Rain didn’t have all the facts. Tyler was nothing like Rain thought he was. He wasn’t a player, or a bad boy she just knew it. There was more to him than that. There had to be.

“It would never work anyway, your families have been rivals for centuries. You’re parent’s would disown you before they could ever approve of him. You need to ice this crush you have on him.”

She nod. Unable to say anything.

Phillipe on the other hand is perfect. He keeps looking this way and he didn’t laugh.”

Nat, who sat on the other side of Rain leaned forward. He waved his hand backwards and forwards in front of Rain, trying to get her attention.

“What does he want now?”

“Rain, be nice.”

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