Dream Character

BlogToday’s Dream Character is….

Laura Vandervoort.

She is perfect for my character Alia in Linked.You might know Laura Vandervoort from the tv shower Bitten. It’s about werewolves. She also played in Smallville as super girl I think and V as a alien.

Linked, a book I wrote back in 2010 is about Alia  an immortal Alien teenager, whose touch can kill humans must find her brother who’s hiding among the humans to save her family from certain death.

Alia’s race  live in an invisible dome in the middle of the Australian Desert. Only those who are elect or manage to escape, roam among the humans. Alia is the last child to be born in over 17 years and she is the only one with vast powers. The Elders use Alia to overthrow the Elder King, her father and their clan, so they can rule but it backfires when Alia escapes and goes in search for her brother among the humans.