Dream Character

Today’s Dream Character is….

Paul Wesley.

He’s smoking hot and exactly how I imagined Landon back when I first wrote Torn. Though in my recent versions of Torn,  Landon’s name has since changed along with who I thought he looked like. But I still love me some Paul Wesley. Not only because he’s from Vampire Diaries, but just because he has deep eyes that look like they could look right through you and see you for who you really are.

The old version of Torn was about Zayne, a teen girl who thinks she is in love with Justin until he tells the police that she stole the car. She is sentenced to bootcamp and there she re-connects with Landon and Jackson, childhood friends. Even though nothing happens between them, Justin, a bootcamp aid is jealous and vows to get her back, even if it means killing both Landon and Jackson.